About Julia

Permanent Makeup Artist

Originally a cosmetologist I was always fascinated with permanent make up.
After raising my children I was interested in returning to a career in the beauty industry and found myself once again interested in permanent make up.
As I did my research I decided to get my own eyebrows microbladed. I loved the idea of weatherproof sweatproof eyebrows whether I was at the gym or beach.
It was a learning experience and after that I began to enroll in the many classes to learn as much as possible about Microblading.
Microblading requires dedication and commitment of countless hours of practice and observation of experts. So I made the decision to invest in myself each day I would devote time to this art of Microblading and to always educate myself on the new and different tools and techniques.
From there I have learned more than just the art of microblading.
I’ve now added lip contouring and other cosmetic tattooing techniques to my repertoire.
With the knowledge, expertise and techniques I implement, I believe I can keep you looking like yourself only enhanced.
The art of microblading and permanent make up can be for both adult men and women of any age. So call today or book online for your own personal consultation.
I look forward to meeting you!
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