Coronavirus Safety for clients during Pandemic

First I’d like to say thank you for sticking by me during this challenging time. I’m so excited that we are open for business and looking forward to seeing you all. We will be operating slightly different then before in order to protect the health and safety of our...

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Lips & Cosmetic Tattooing Techniques

Cosmetic tattooing of the lips has become extremely popular in the past few years. It accentuates the contour and color of ones lips. I offer two different techniques as services here at Brow Designs by Julia. Lip blushing, which gives a more defined look and can...

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Can I get microblading if I already have tattoed eyebrows?

 There are some general guidelines to follow when an artist makes the decision whether or not to microblade over old tattooed eyebrows. We must see a very clear close up picture of each brow with out make up or you may schedule a consultation to come in to the salon....

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Microblading Healing Process

There are alot of unknows when it comes to microblading and/or cosmetic tattooing. I'm often asked what to expect during the healing process. Although everyone is different, below is an outline of what to expect in general under normal circumstances. Some of the...

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The Microblading Process

The Microblading process requires your patience and willingness to make a commitment. The skin is a canvas and is completely different from one client to the next. An artist can only be as good as the canvas to which they are presented. There are many...

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How do I get Training to become a Microblading artist?

 How do I get Training to become a Microblading Artist?    So you are liking your own permanent makeup? Or maybe you really love tattooing & want to learn the art of cosmetic enhancement tattooing. Perhaps you are fascinated with the idea of waking up with makeup...

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