Can I get microblading if I already have tattoed eyebrows?

 There are some general guidelines to follow when an artist makes the decision whether or not to microblade over old tattooed eyebrows. We must see a very clear close up picture of each brow with out make up or you may schedule a consultation to come in to the salon. The eyebrows need to be very faded, at least 90% in my personal opinion. If not faded 90% then you risk the old tattoo color showing through no matter what we attempt. .In most cases it is more effective to do the combination technique of microblading strokes and shading. This is known as the combo brow technique. It works best because we first implant pigment by doing hair strokes then we go over the brow using the shading. It leaves a powder effect over the old tattoo to cover what the hair strokes will not cover by themselves. It is a bit more time consuming and involves more supplies and this is why most artists add to the fee. If you book an appointment for microblading alone and you do not let me know beforehand that you have previous tattooing or permanent make up on your eyebrows, then you will be evaluated at your appointment and possibly risk not having any work done to your eyebrows if they are too dark. In that case you also can lose your deposit. So please be sure to let me know ahead of time or who ever you choose to do your new permanent make up. The goal is to give any client a full and natural looking eyebrow that is attractive. At times we have to recommend removal if the eyebrow tattooing is too dark to go over. I hope this is helpful in understanding why in some cases it is just not possible or a good idea to go over previous eyebrow tattooing. 


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