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About the Artist

Designing natural looking semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing with
expert training and special attention given to your safety and comfort.
I pride myself on achieving the look you desire with microblading
3d hairstrokes for both women and men, using only the best high quality products that last and stay
vibrant over time. I use the latest technology in the industry to create my own hyperrealistic combination set of brows consisting of nano hairstrokes and pixelated shading.This beautiful technique can either create an eyebrow, cover imperfections or correct symmetry of your natural eyebrows. I am trained and certified by some of the best known world renowned instructors. The photos in my gallery are of my clients only. Invest in your beauty with confidence today.

My Services

Our services range from Microblading to several other forms of permanent makeup.

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Licensed, safety certified & fully insured.

Healing Process of Microblading

                  Microblading is a manual process of inserting deposits of special cosmetic pigments into the upper layer of the dermis to create a desired fullness and shape to the eyebrows. It is also referred to as feather strokes, Micro strokes, embroidery and 3D brows. The microblading tool itself is a configuration of needles not an actual blade. They are presterilized disposable and of single use only. Combined with a well trained artist like myself, the results of microblading can be beautiful natural looking eyebrows that last over time with minimal periodic maintenance to keep them fresh and vibrant. By making your appointment for microblading you can now have the eyebrows you’ve always dreamed. Microblading is not only for women but men too are getting microblading 3d eyebrows! Microblading can help enhance your brows, fill bare spots, create an entire eyebrow for those with alopecia, and even those clients who are pre/post-chemotherapy (with physician approval). Call or book your appointment today!
The Process of Microblading

  • Photos of your brows before we begin and we briefly discuss expectations.
  • Mapping of the brows shape that best suits your facial symmetry.
  • Adjustments to brow shape with special attention to symmetry and your approval.
  • Numbing with topical lidocaine.
  • Paperwork and discussion of aftercare importance.
  • Color matching to perfectly suit you.
  • Microblading with expertise to transform your brows into beautiful natural looking 3d hairstrokes.
  • Photos of your amazing transformation.
  • Aftercare instructions with our unique balm and the healing process q&a.
  • Schedule your 6 week perfecting session.

Originally a cosmetologist I was always fascinated with permanent make up. After raising my children I was interested in returning to a career in the beauty industry and found myself once again interested in permanent make up. As I did my research I decided to get my own eyebrows it. I loved the idea of weatherproof, sweatproof eyebrows whether I was at the gym or beach. It was a learning experience and after that I began to enroll in the many classes to learn as much as possible about Microblading. Read more…

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