How do I get Training to become a Microblading artist?

 How do I get Training to become a Microblading Artist?

   So you are liking your own permanent makeup? Or maybe you really love tattooing & want to learn the art of cosmetic enhancement tattooing. Perhaps you are fascinated with the idea of waking up with makeup that lasts through workouts, swimming, humidity etc. Do you have a passion for helping others feel better about their look & more confident about themselves? Are you researching how to learn the art of ‘permanent makeup’ or ‘microblading’? There is a world of information out on the web to totally confuse you but at the same time, reel you in with intrigue. I can only speak from my own & a few close friends experience of course, but it can be completely overwhelming once you dive into this subject of cosmetic tattooing. Yes it is tattooing if you were wondering, by the way. When you deposit a pigment into the skin with a manual tool or machine and it doesn’t wash away then it is most definitely referred to as a ‘tattoo’. You may choose to be self taught, learn one on one, a small or large group setting or a business school dedicated to permanent makeup education. Some people have actually gone through all of those learning styles & processes to get where they are today in the Cosmetic tattooing business. I’m one of those people who likes to try all of those ways to educate myself once I have decided to dive in.

    Well if you are looking for a bit of advice and guidance to learn Microblading I can give you a few good tips on how to find a good fit for yourself. I’ve navigated for hours on end and paid plenty of money for all types of learning. You have to decide for yourself how you learn best whether it be live classes, web based, etc. to learn the craft of Microblading. For some of us it is best to do a combination of different learning styles when it comes to permanent make up. You first have to have some artistic ability for either tattooing or makeup. This is an art and there is a lot of creativity that goes into Microblading eyebrows. Self motivation, discipline and commitment are top priority to becoming successful in the Microblading business. Once you’ve learned the basics it takes hours of practice weekly to perfect the art of these 3d eyebrows. In my opinion it is like most exercises….practice makes perfect.

As far as tips on actual schools, I recommend you do your research into how many years an individual has been a Microblading artist and look at their personal work not stock photos. Also be sure they themselves are qualified to teach others with some recognition from a major school of Microblading or permanent makeup/ cosmetic tattooing. This is so important to clients trusting you and respecting you as an artist once you are open for business. I learned the hard way by spending thousands of dollars on unqualified misrepresented so called trainers. If they don’t post their certificates of instructor training then you have the right to ask. Why wouldn’t you want to know if they themselves have been a designated and recognized instructor of Microblading? You’d certainly want that recognition on your certificate passed on stating where you had been trained. So why not ask that question if it’s not posted on their website. Be sure to ask if there will be on going support for questions or advice in the future and for how long that will be available to you as a past student. You would want to know ahead of time if you will need your blood borne pathogens and first aid/cpr certifications or will they provide that in the Microblading course. Also if they provide live models or if you have to bring your own models to practice on. If you will be practicing on live models then please consider getting yourself some Microblading insurance. Most schools do not cover students unless they have that specific coverage and post that publicly. Please don’t just trust someone’s word on that over a phone call. Last but not least, you’d want to know what if any, kit will be included in the tuition. Be sure you have enough of tools and supplies for at least 10 Microblading procedures. That will provide you with just enough for your class and maybe a few practice skins at home.

    Good luck to you and I wish you the best in whatever you decide! Feel free to email me if you have any questions in the future. I do provide some shadowing after artists are trained and certified by a qualified school. If you are interested please contact me for details. Thank you and best wishes!



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