The Microblading Process

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The Microblading process requires your patience and
willingness to make a commitment. The skin is a canvas and is
completely different from one client to the next. An artist can
only be as good as the canvas to which they are presented.
There are many challenges that can effect the overall end
result. Some of them are oily skin, previous tattooing, medical
history, medications, tanning, scars, hormones, injectables,
chemical peels, Retin A, retinol, smoking, aging skin,etc.
Keeping all of this in mind, please know that I make every
possible effort to do my very best and to inform each client of
the complete process and the maintenance. There is no
possible way for an artist to predict what a persons skin will
look like when fully healed. Microblading can not guarantee
you will not have to fill in here or there.

Shape of the brows will be based on a clients brow bone, face
shape and symmetry. Once the brows are drawn please be sure
of the thickness and shape. You will give the approval before
the procedure starts. If at any time after the first session you
decide to change or add to the original shape it may require
more sessions as well as additional fees. Natural looking brows
are not ‘perfect’ even though you will be measured for

symmetry we never can refer to eyebrows as perfect. During
the healing process your brows will blend and begin to soften.

Color will be chosen based on hair, skin tone, brow hairs and
lashes. Color will fade 30-60% over the first few weeks. It may
appear blotchy or uneven but all of this is normal. Color
retention can also be greatly effected by previous tattooing.
There could be even more loss of color in this case and at times
total loss. This is why the perfecting session is so important. A
second layer of color (or a darker shade) will be added at that
appointment. Even after an artist makes their best efforts, you
may still need to powder or pencil in your brows after healing.
Microblading is meant to be a natural enhancement only.
Artists can not predict nor control a clients skin and how it will
respond or retain pigmentation. In most cases brows heal to a
soft natural look. If you prefer a bolder look then you can fill in
your brows after two weeks.

Aftercare is just as important as the Microblading procedure.
Please follow all the instructions given to you post-procedure.
You patience during this crucial time is key. Your results is
greatly effected by how diligently you follow the post-care
instructions. You could lose all Microblading depending on how
you care for your brows during the healing process.
Maintenance is recommended to keep color fresh and vibrant.
Color boosts can be scheduled once a year. Keep in mind

Microblading is not a permanent solution nor a replacement for
makeup. Microblading is a low maintenance enhancement to
your natural brows. Each client is different and the rate of
fading varies due to lifestyle and many other factors. Waiting
longer than a year between touch ups can result in higher costs
to you.

Protect your investment by following these recommendations.


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